Sunday, October 27, 2013

I Work for Pizza

I don't make any money off I make money so I can make and eat pizza for For example, last week I was in Vallejo, CA, on a work trip and tried filling every meal with the best pizza in the Bay Area. I drove for hours, stalked a food truck, and carried a pizza box around San Francisco and on a ferry ride back to the hotel. I do this for you! 

I went to Una Pizza Napoletana, Flour + Water, Del Popolo (truck), A16, Tony's Pizza Napoletana, and Oenotri (Napa).  All in a week's work! My favorite was Del Popolo, which, might actually take my top spot in the U.S. I got some thinking to do.  Check out the graphic pizza pics below. 

Del Popolo pizza truck - margherita for lunch and a potato & salami to-go.

Flour + Water - mushroom and leeks.

Una Pizza Napoletana - Anthony Mangieri and a margherita.

A16 - margherita.

Oenotri, Napa Valley - margherita and a sausage, pepper, arugula on a red cream sauce.

Tony's - marinara.


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