Saturday, July 20, 2013

Babies and Schiacciata - Opening Day 2013

Opening day came way late this year.  It seemed like every week of nice weather would
My little Pizzaiolino.  
end with a weekend full of rain.  The birth of my son on April 18th, also kept most of my attention away from pizza.  Deservedly so, I guess.  Opening Day 2013 was July 5th.  I always feel rusty going into the first fire-up of the year so I usually keep them low key.  Pretty much just immediate family and grandparents.  One of my grandparents, my nonno, happens to make the best schiacciata.  We throw a lightly stretched, untopped panuzzi into the oven and let it inflate.  Flip it over once and take it out when it's nice and charred everywhere.  Then we slice it in half and fill it up with goodies like ricotta, tomatoes, red onion, and olives.  Close it and slice it up.  Simple, nothing too fancy.  There are plenty of pictures of Baby Frankie, Nonno's schiacciata, and other pizzas of the day inside the album.  Just click below.


Best margherita of the day.

Nonno's famous schiacciata.

Prosciutto cotto and spinach.


  1. Great images pizza. I am going to follow you and check up on you. If you need any pizza supplies, stop by our shop at Thanks!

    1. Thanks David. I appreciate you stopping by my site and posting a comment. I just checked out Best Pizza Supplies and I will definitely be on there again soon. I could always use some new oven tools!

  2. Yummy your pics are looking great...... i like it

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