Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pizzeria Profile: Avec

This "Pizzeria Profile" is fresh.  It's been less than an hour since I discovered the pizza at Avec.  Commonly referred to as the trend-setting originator of the wine bar , Avec has revolutionized Chicago dining as well as garnered their fair share of national attention.  Dishes like chorizo stuffed medjool dates with bacon and wood-oven roasted pork shoulder with rock shrimp have become bigger Chicago celebrities than Vince Vaughn and Mike Ditka...I'm lying, no one is bigger than Ditka, but now you know I'm serious.  All this local fame and national recognition in magazines such as Food & Wine and GQ never let me know they serve a shaved speck, blue cheese, and spinach pizza with golden raisins.  Maybe because it's the only pizza on the menu, or maybe because they don't even call it a pizza.  According to Avec, they serve a wood-fired flatbread.  So when does a flatbread become a pizza?  And vice versa?  Well, call it what YOU wanna call it and, in true "PP" fashion, let the pics help you decide.  

Avec | 615 W. Randolph St. |Chicago, IL 60661

Shaved speck, blue cheese, and spinach pizza with golden raisins
Avec's Booty
Is it flatbread or is it pizza?

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